Nikki Haley Secures New Hampshire Governor’s Endorsement

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has secured another endorsement in her presidential race, and this time, it is from New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu.

The endorsement was made during a town hall event in Manchester, New Hampshire when Sununu made an appearance with the presidential candidate.

“This is an opportunity for New Hampshire to lead this country, for New Hampshire to say we’re not looking in the rearview mirror anymore,” he said.

“We’re all in for Nikki Haley,” he declared.

Sununu’s endorsement comes after he said that he was trying to find a candidate who has the best chance of beating former President Donald Trump in the primary. Trump, he believes, should not be the Republican Party’s pick for next year’s election. Hence, he has urged the party to move on and seek another candidate.

Haley ending up being Sununu’s choice, however, does not seem to faze Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign, which is confident in DeSantis’ strong support in Iowa, thanks to endorsements from Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and reputable evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats.

“What happens in New Hampshire will be significantly impacted by the outcome in Iowa, where the true Trump alternative will emerge,” said DeSantis spokesman Andrew Romeo.

DeSantis himself downplayed the endorsement during a town hall event on Tuesday night, saying, “Here’s the problem, even a campaigner as good as Chris [Christie] is not going to be able to paper over Nikki being an establishment candidate.”

“I mean, she’s getting funded by liberal Democrats from California, like a founder of LinkedIn, people on Wall Street, like the head of JPMorgan. She’s getting all these folks that are going to her. Guess what, guys, those folks do not want to see conservative change in this country. So why are they gravitating to her?” he added.

Another candidate who is purportedly not concerned about Haley’s new endorsement is former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose campaign said in a statement to The Wall Street Journal that the endorsement only “puts us down one vote in New Hampshire.”

“The New Jersey governor will overcome the loss of Sununu by continuing to tell the “unvarnished truth about Donald Trump,” Christie spokesman Karl Rickett added.

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