Nikki Haley Attacks Trump Using NY Ruling

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley blasted former President Donald Trump over the ruling in his New York civil business fraud case in which he was fined over $350 million and barred from doing business in the state for three years.

During an interview on CNN’s “The Source,” anchor Kaitlan Collins asked her about the ruling. But the GOP presidential candidate’s answer took a detour from many Republican politicians who have condemned the ruling.

For Haley, the main concern lies with what Trump’s legal cases might mean to the Republican National Committee.

“I mean, my biggest issue is, I don’t want the RNC to become his legal defense fund. I don’t want the RNC to become his piggy bank for his personal court cases. We’ve already seen him spend $50 million worth of campaign contributions towards his personal court cases. Now, we see him trying to get control of the RNC so that he can continue not to have to pay his own legal fees,” she said.

She later added, “The problem is that doesn’t help us win any seats in the House, in the Senate or anything else, if the RNC is all focused on his legal fees. The RNC’s practically broke now as it is. And so, this is a bigger issue for the Republican Party.”

Pointing to Trump’s endorsements last week, she said further, “But what I am most concerned about is now he’s gone and taken someone, from North Carolina. He’s made the co-chair, his daughter-in-law. He’s made his campaign manager, the Director of Operations. He’s trying to control the RNC after the fact that he tried to get me out of the race so that he could be the presumptive nominee.”

Last week, Trump endorsed his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, who is Eric Trump’s wife, as co-chair.

“Lara is an extremely talented communicator and is dedicated to all that MAGA stands for. She has told me she wants to accept this challenge and would be GREAT!” he said of her.

Per Newsmax, Lara has revealed plans to use “every penny” the RNC owns to ensure her father-in-law wins the presidential election in November.

“If I am elected to this position, I can assure you there will not be any more $70,000, or whatever exorbitant amount of money it was, spent on flowers. Every single penny will go to the number one and the only job of the RNC. That is electing Donald J. Trump as the president of the United States,” she stated.

She repeated the same plans with Fox News, saying “I will make sure that every single penny donated to the RNC goes to electing Donald Trump, and again, extending our lead in the House and taking back the Senate.”

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