CNN Downplays Violent Protest In Atlanta, Fox News Anchor Hits Back

CNN has again tried to downplay a violent leftist protest after contributors tried to water down Saturday’s night of rage that terrorized the city of Atlanta.

CNN contributors were responding to a news conference held by Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum and Mayor Andre Dickens (D), where both men condemned the violence. Protestors destroyed properties and businesses during the night of carnage, setting police vehicles ablaze.

“… Some of them were found with explosives on them,” Dickens said. “You heard that correctly. Explosives. And that has led to a police officer’s car being set on fire and other destruction has occurred.”

Despite Dickens’ revelation, contributors on CNN claimed the only acts of violence they saw were police tackling protestors to the ground. Freelance writer David Peisner argued that property destruction is not “actual violence” and to suggest otherwise will lead to a dangerous and slippery concept.

“… I do think that — you know, you keep using these words’ violent,’ ‘violent,’ ‘violent.’ And it gives the impression — I mean, the only violence, or the only acts of violence against people, that I saw were police tackling protestors,” Peisner argued.

Juliette Kayyem, a CNN national security analyst, argued that people don’t know the distinction between the destruction of buildings and police vehicles.

“You simply don’t know how this will escalate, and that is why the police have to deal with it as if it were violence if that’s what it is,” Kayyem stated.

Fox News’ “The Big Sunday Show” panel reacted differently to the news conference. Julie Banderas described the riot as a war on law enforcement and that the protestors were posturing against police. Banderas maintained that the protestors are using any opportunity they get to put the “police in a bad place.”


Banderas contended that setting police vehicles ablaze should be nothing short of attempted murder, as perpetrators didn’t even check to see if officers were in the cars.

Banderas accused district attorneys, who are soft on violent protestors, of being complicit in the riot.

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