Bill Clinton Tried To Bury Trafficking Story About Jeffrey Epstein

Former President Bill Clinton is accused of putting pressure on Vanity Fair to cover up a story about late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s involvement in trafficking. The allegations came out with the release of the second part of documents related to Epstein.

The documents are part of a civil lawsuit Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed against Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted of conspiring with Epstein in his criminal acts.

Unsealed after a ruling by Manhattan Federal Judge Loretta Preska in December, the documents contain the names of associates whom Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre believed could have been aware of his criminal behavior.

Clinton is listed in the documents, alongside Prince Andrew, Duke of York; Sophie Biddle; Doug Band, one of Clinton’s advisers and late Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM).

An email included in the recently released document had Giuffre telling journalist Sharon Churcher about how Clinton tried to kill a story from Vanity Fair that was going to reveal Epstein’s sinister activities.

The journalist had been trying to convince Giuffre to sell Vanity Fair the photo of her and Prince Andrew, in which the Duke had his arms wrapped around her waist while she was reportedly a teenager. But she had other thoughts about letting the outlet have the photo as she was concerned about Epstein’s influence on Vanity Fair.

“When I was doing some research into VF yesterday, it does concern me what they could want to write about me considering that B. Clinton walked into VF and threatened them not to write sex-trafficing [sic] articles about his good friend J.E.,” the plaintiff wrote.

While Clinton is accused of attempting to use his influence to stop the story about Epstein from being published, the documents did not outrightly say he committed a crime or did anything illegal.

Former Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter has denied the accusations, saying through a representative that it “categorically did not happen.”

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