Liberals Advised To Vote For Haley To Sabotage Trump In Primary

Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe suggested a way for liberal voters to ruin former President Donald Trump’s chances of becoming president. For him, the move should start at the Republican Party’s presidential primary.

Plouffe’s big idea has to do with lending support to Nikki Haley in the primary so that Trump, who has consistently topped the polls, will not have a smooth run to securing the party’s national ticket.

While admitting that it might be a “distasteful” move and “a bridge too far” for some people, he said it could be a great “tactical move” that could end up extending the primary.

According to him, some Democratic push could get Haley to win the primary in New Hampshire. If it does not buy her an automatic win, it could get the primary down to two people, he said.

“If you got that to a two-person race [in New Hampshire], he could very well be defeated there,” Plouffe stated.

When this happens, the hope lies on the “healthy number of Republicans” who are not distracted by Trump’s position as the “dominant favorite” but are open to an alternative.

“So I think, for liberals, or Democrats, or independents who might not ever support Nikki Haley to be the president, to cast a strategic or tactical vote to me makes a lot of sense,” he stated.

Haley’s standing in the polls in New Hampshire has gone up over the last month. This, to many, is a good sign, considering New Hampshire is holding the first primary and second overall contest in the Republican Party’s nominating calendar.

In Iowa, whose caucuses start Jan. 15, she stands behind Trump, ahead of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Despite her performance on the polls, there have been suggestions that she is hoping to be nominated by Trump as his running mate should he win the primary. Haley has responded to the speculations by insisting she does not “play for second.”

In her words, “If you want to talk about vice president, I will tell you this now. I’ve said it before, I don’t play for second, I’ve never played for second. I’m not gonna start now.”

She, however, did not outrightly rule out the possibility of joining Trump as his VP pick.

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