White House Concerned About Biden’s Poll Performance

The White House is reportedly disturbed by the polls that show former President Donald Trump outshining President Joe Biden. According to The Hill, “Someone in the Biden orbit also told The Hill part of the frustration is the disproportionate media focus on the polls that show Biden losing while ignoring polls that show him winning.”

A Biden administration official told the outlet that the White House finds it disturbing that Biden’s economic achievement is not getting enough coverage in the media, hence, his tanking approval rating and poll performance.

Per The Hill’s sources, the camp is trying to come up with a strategy to spread word about the president’s accomplishments. To make this happen, Biden himself has had meetings with internal White House aides and external help to discuss how to get his polling up, as well as how to address growing concerns about his age.

“The meetings are intended to discuss messaging on his age and his accomplishments. There has been concern among his inner circle that the messaging has not been strong or consistent enough to break through with the public,” an insider said.

Biden reportedly held a meeting at the White House right before Thanksgiving to address his low approval ratings. Per The Washington Post, the president had complained about the faltering of his economic message which has mostly been about the success of “Bidenomics.”

Despite the in-house concerns, the White House has given off the idea that they are not bothered about the polls, as they’ve mostly dismissed it publicly as meaningless with the election about 11 months away.

While some Democrats have been worried about Biden’s chances of success alongside Trump, who is poised to be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, others are confident in his ability to win.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) expressed confidence in Biden, saying, “The president will win in 2024 because the big picture will be the difference between a Republican who was president for four years and worked on exactly three things: a $3 trillion tax break that went mostly to millionaires and billionaires, getting an extremist Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade and trying to take away the Affordable Care Act and protection for people with preexisting conditions.”

“Joe Biden will be out there making the case for who he fights for,” she added.

Speaking to reporters about the low polling numbers, Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) said, “Of course, you’re going to be concerned about the polling numbers, but polls are known to be off, a lot. This is a year out. I’m sure he wishes they were better, but they are where they are, I don’t think they necessarily mean much right now though.”

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