RNC Elects Michael Whatley, Lara Trump As Chair, Co-Chair

Former President Donald Trump’s choices have been elected by the Republican National Committee to hold senior roles within the party.

According to AP News, the party held a new national chairman vote on Friday. It was in that meeting that Michael Whatley, a North Carolina Republican who has backed Trump’s declarations of voter fraud, was elected to be the party’s new national chairman.

Trump’s pick as co-chair, Lara Trump, was elected to be Whatley’s co-chair.

Whatley, who has served as the North Carolina GOP chair and serves as the general counsel for the RNC, was reportedly selected for the role due to his “powerful” stance on election fraud that year, according to a Fox News source.

The source revealed that Whatley as RNC chair aligns with Trump’s focus to ensure the votes in the 2024 general election are “safe.” He reportedly trusts that Whatley can achieve this as he reportedly “kept the fraud down” in Colorado even though the state had a “strong Democratic governor.”

New Hampshire GOP chair and former RNC committee member Chris Ager, who was present at Friday’s meeting in Houston, told Fox News that Whatley made a good choice to lead the party after longtime chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. According to her, the leadership combination of Whatley and Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara would help the party achieve its objective of helping Trump win the general election.

As Chris explained, “The people at the RNC know and like Mike Whatley, so he’s a good choice and Lara Trump is a trusted adviser to the president, so why not give him the tools he needs to get the job done. If he trusts those people, let’s give him what he needs to get that win in November.”

The chair of the Georgia Republican Party and a member of the RNC, Josh McKoon also believe the leadership replacement “make a lot of sense.”

“As we head into a presidential year, we need all the financial resources we can challenging an incumbent president,” he said defending Lara’s suitability for the role by citing her fundraising and communication skills.

Whatley himself has promised to put in a great performance.

“In less than eight months, we are going to determine the fate of not only the United States but of the entire world. And this body, the RNC, is going to be the vanguard of a movement that will work tirelessly, every single day to elect our nominee Donald J. Trump as the 47th president of the United States, flip the Senate, expand our majority in the House of Representatives,” he stated.

With the RNC’s unanimous vote on Friday, Trump’s hold on the RNC strengthens, as is the tradition for the party’s presumptive nominee to take control and merge operations in order to ensure a win.

Trump became the GOP’s presumptive nominee after Haley quit her presidential campaign on Wednesday after Trump’s victories on Super Tuesday.

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