Trump: Biden Was ‘Angry, Mentally Disturbed’ During SOTU Address

Former President Donald Trump sees President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address as an indication that he “suffers from a terminal case of Trump derangement syndrome.”

“He was angry, mentally disturbed, and misrepresenting a lot of the facts concerning almost every subject he discussed,” Trump said of Biden’s address during an interview with Fox News.

“But he got through it. He is still breathing, and they didn’t have to carry him out in a straight jacket. Other than that, I think he did a terrible job,” he added.

Trump went further to berate Biden’s mention of him over a dozen time during the address, saying, “He suffers from a terminal case of Trump derangement syndrome, which is only curable through impeachment.”

According to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Biden brought him up repeatedly “because I’m beating him by 14 points in the polls.”

“He was very angry and that’s also a symptom of a certain type of problem — senility. He shouldn’t be at this age because he’s a young man relative to others his age that are very successful,” he added.

During his hour-long speech on Thursday night, Biden made references to Trump on issues like immigration, abortion and the Russia-Ukraine war, all without mentioning his name.

Convincing Congress that the U.S. should provide more weapons to Ukraine amid the war, Biden said, “Now my predecessor, a former Republican president tells Putin, quote, ‘Do whatever the hell you want.’ That’s a quote. A former president actually said that — bowing down to a Russian leader. I think it’s outrageous. It’s dangerous and it’s unacceptable.”

Later when he was defending abortion, he blamed Biden for the “chaos” caused by the overturning of Roe v. Wade, saying, “My predecessor came to office determined to see Roe v Wade overturn. He’s the reason it was overturned, and he brags about it. Look at the chaos that has resulted.”

“Many of you in this chamber and my predecessor are promising to pass a national ban on reproductive freedom. My God, what freedom else would you take away?” he said later.

Before the Fox News interview, Trump already aired his views about Biden’s State of the Union address during a play-by-play of the president’s speech, which he promised he would do.

From Biden’s repeated coughing spells to how it took him about 40 minutes to get to the crisis at the southern border, Trump took issue with Biden on a lot of things.

He also called Biden “a threat to democracy” in a post to Truth Social on Thursday night.


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