Democrats Winning Largely Because Of Trump, Newsom Says

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom is chalking up Democrats’ success in recent election cycles to former President Donald Trump.

He made this connection when he was asked on NBC News’ “Meet The Press” if Democrats are underestimating Trump’s chances of winning the 2024 presidential election.

In response, Newsom denied Trump’s strength as a candidate and instead said he is “weakness masquerading as strength.”

For the Democratic governor, “unhinged” is a more befitting word for Trump, as he said, “He’s less interesting than he was even a few years ago. I mean, you’ve heard his comments just this week. More just overt racist comments that he’s made. It’s just extraordinary how quickly he is unraveling in real time, including just on basic policy issues like repealing Obamacare, which is overwhelmingly supported. The highest ACA enrollment that we’ve seen in decades, or rather in years and years, just the last few weeks.”

“He’s a much weaker cannon than he was a few years ago. Democrats are stronger. We’re winning – ‘18, ‘20, ‘22, ‘23. You saw it in New York three. We continue to win. We continue to outperform. And Donald Trump is a big part of that. And he’s going to be the nominee of the Republican Party,” he added.

Anchor Kristen Welker pointed out the concerns Democrat voters have pointed out in President Joe Biden as the party’s candidate for the 2024 election. Bringing up speculation that he might end up getting into the 2024 race, Welker asked if Newsom was ruling out a run.

In response, he stated, “I mean you’ve got to be kidding. I am here celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of the Biden-Harris administration, making the case that we need to make to lift up the issues, lift up the record, drive contrast with the Republican nominee to beat Donald Trump so that we can win for four more years.”

He, however, refused to reveal if he has gotten calls for top Democrat donors about running.

Elsewhere in the interview, he expressed support for the idea of a debate between Biden and Trump when Welker brought up Trump’s indication earlier this month that he is ready for a debate with Biden.

“100%. Pure projection on a guy who refused to debate in his own primary. Back to my point: weakness masquerading as strength,” he stated.

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