Border Agents Face Attacks From Illegals Attempting To Escape

Newly revealed internal emails from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) show that agents and drivers are under attack from illegal migrants apprehended by the agency.

The communications were acquired by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project and spotlighted the daily pressure faced by agents dealing with President Joe Biden’s open border policies.

Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz emailed multiple recipients stating that they are being attacked and not reporting the incidents. He referenced the ongoing crisis with bus contractors and pilots “dealing with Haitians escaping or trying to overrun drivers,” and nothing is reported.

Ortiz also noted that “agents and pro staff are working 14-hour days in difficult conditions.”

Part of the trove of emails highlighted the difficulties Border Patrol faced after the highly politicized photograph critics charged showed a Haitian refugee being whipped by a mounted agent.

Biden, of course, only added fuel to the fire when he said that the mounted agents “will pay.”

And the border crisis is only deepening.

Winter months generally see a trailing off of border encounters, but December became a notable exception. Illegal immigration resulted in a new record as apprehensions topped 250,000 at the southern border.

Estimates are that almost 88,000 successfully evaded capture and made it into the country undetected in December. And that number piles on top of the 73,000 illegal migrants who were able to cross the border undetected in November.

Overall, an estimated 600,000 illegal migrants evaded Border Patrol agents in Fiscal Year 2022. Furthermore, the Biden administration casually releases tens of thousands of border crossers into the U.S. interior every month.

While this led to widespread criticism of the White House’s “Catch and Release” policies, precious little is being done to stymie the flood of illegal migrants at the southern border. States along the Mexican border are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of migrants pouring across.

The Biden administration should revert back to the policies of former President Donald Trump in dealing with border issues. Not only were they effective at the border, but they also sent the message that the U.S. was serious about national security and for migrants to stay home.

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