Biden Campaign Suffering Because Of Incomplete Reporting, Co-Chair Says

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), who is the Biden 2024 Campaign Co-Chair is claiming that President Joe Biden’s campaign is suffering because of incomplete reporting.

“I think Joe Biden’s campaign is suffering, not because it has been — the media have it wrong, I just think that it’s a bit incomplete with its reporting,” he said on Saturday’s run of MSNBC’s “The Saturday Show.”

According to Clyburn, the media is not reporting that Biden got most of his student loan plan through even though the United States Supreme Court struck down the full plan.

“Take, for instance, student loan debt relief,” he said. “One part of what President Biden tried to do was challenged by Republican attorneys general all over the country and this right-wing Supreme Court agreed with them, and stopped him from doing it. But then he took another route, and he has now forgiven $132 billion in student loan debt for 3.4 million people. Nobody’s reporting that.”

“They only reported the fact that he could not get done one part of what he was trying to do, but he has done 75 to 80% of that. Now, that’s not a high passing grade, but that’s a passing grade,” he said further.

For Clyburn, Biden does not face much threat from former President Donald Trump on his own. “ I think that if you were to look upon this campaign as just being a contest between President Biden and former President Trump, that, to me, is a pretty good scenario,” he stated.

Clyburn, who reportedly played a crucial role in Biden’s 2020 election, was eager for the president to launch a reelection bid for 2024, as he said he wanted to avoid the GOP;s efforts to take the country back.

“I can’t wait for Joe Biden to make his announcement so that we can get actively involved. I plan to devote my time and energy the rest of this year and next year going into this election making sure that we get the type of turnout that we need,” he said a day before Biden announced in April that he would be seeking reelection.

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