Biden Admin Calls Illegal Aliens ‘Newcomers’

President Joe Biden’s White House has a new term for the many illegal aliens who have come into the U.S. in droves under his leadership – Newcomers.

Shortly before Biden’s trip to the border on Thursday, the administration published a set of Democrat talking points which they called a “fact sheet.”

Highlighted in the document is the proposal that the Democrat-controlled Senate introduced in January that has been said to be one that would even worsen the situation on the border.

Around the end of the document, the administration called illegal aliens “newcomers,” saying, “The bill also includes $1.4 billion for cities and states who are providing critical services to newcomers, and would expedite work permits for people who are in the country and qualify.”

The administration’s interesting choice of words did not go unmissed by some, as the House GOP Conference posted a screenshot of the document on X.

“The Biden White House is now referring to illegal immigrants as ‘newcomers.’ Joe Biden is not serious about stopping the illegal immigration into the United States. This is a catastrophe by design,” the group captioned.

Joining in the criticism, Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) tweeted, “INSANITY. A ‘newcomer’ just brutally murdered Laken Riley last week. ‘Newcomers’ are flooding our county with fentanyl. These ‘newcomers’ are costing American taxpayers nearly $500 billion. Joe Biden wants to normalize his intentional illegal invasion.”

“How many more ‘newcomers’ will you welcome in to murder Americans?” Rep. Keith Self (R-TX) wrote.

“A continued disgrace,” Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) weighed in.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-TX) also weighed in to school the administration by explaining the actual terminology for illegal immigrants.

“‘ILLEGAL – Forbidden by law. ‘ALIEN’ – Terminology in Title 8 of U.S. Code to describe a person who is not a citizen or national of the United States. If a noncitizen enters the United States unlawfully & without U.S. authorization, they are by definition, an ‘ILLEGAL ALIEN.’”

Supporting assertions that the migrant invasion might actually be planned, conservative media personality tweeted, “From illegal immigrants to migrants to “newcomers.” It is all an attempt to normalize this invasion.”

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