Whoopi Goldberg Complains About Supreme Court’s Due Process

“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg took a stand against due process on Thursday with a claim that the Supreme Court’s provision of due process to former President Donald Trump is a “bad look.”

During the ABC midday talk show, Goldberg condemned the Supreme Court’s decision to take up Trump’s presidential immunity appeal, calling it “favoritism.”

The conversation began with co-host Sunny Hostin who pointed out that the higher court was following due procedure.

“He gets due process of law just like all of us,” Hostin, who used to be a federal prosecutor stated, adding that Trump would not be able to appeal a conviction under the claim of due process if the Supreme Court eventually rules that he did not have immunity.

But Goldberg believes that the higher court should not have agreed to hear the case at all.

“I think it’s a bad … it’s a … it’s a bad look for them. It’s a very, very … to have taken this. Because this – you know — in some of their other rulings, which I’ve wondered about, you know, people say ‘Well, we don’t want it to look like we’re showing favoritism, so we’re looking at this in a very deep way.’ And suddenly, now, it doesn’t feel like they’re looking at it in a deep way,” he stated.

According to her, the Court might be taking up the case to “help” the GOP presidential candidate.

She argued that there is no reason for the Supreme Court to take up the case and review the lower court’s decision even though that is the Court’s job.

“The two lower courts said, ‘Listen, this is what it is.’ And so if they were to turn against what the two lower courts thought, I think it’s very bad for them,” she stated.


During that conversation, Goldberg, Hostin and another co-host Joy Behar also suggested the Supreme Court is plotting to help Trump by not taking the case immediately.

“They’re not taking up this case immediately, so what’s their motivation then? What is their motivation for not doing it right away?” Behar asked.

In response, Hostin claimed the timing is part of a plan to ensure Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case against Trump goes past the presidential election in November.

“Unfortunately, some people are saying the motivation is that there are certain conservative justices that have been appointed by Trump that want to help him. Because we know the end result is — if this case is not resolved by the time of the election and he God forbid becomes the President of the United States — the Justice Department policy is that you can’t indict nor put on trial a sitting president, right? And so it’s his get out of jail free — but it’s his get out of jail free card,” he asserted.

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