VP Schooled For Passing Off Progressive As ‘Nonpartisan Poll Worker’

Vice President Kamala Harris sparked backlash on social media this week after she tried to praise poll workers for their efforts amid the presidential primaries. However, her appreciation post was built on a lie, and social media users did not waste time pointing it out.

Sharing a photo of her seemingly listening to Vasu Abhiraman on X, Harris wrote, “Our democracy could not function without nonpartisan poll workers like Vasu and Rob whom I met in Georgia. President Biden and I thank you and we support you.”

Her post quickly drew controversy as some users used X’s Community Notes to add additional context to the tweet revealing that Abhiraman is not nonpartisan but is a liberal advocate who pushes the progressive movement.

The man on the left is not a “nonpartisan poll worker.” He is Vasu Abhiraman, an attorney for the left-wing advocacy group Alliance for Justice,” the notice read.

In addition to the context provided, many X users criticized Harris’ tweet, with a user tweeting, “Vasu Abhiraman (left) is quite partisan, actually.”

Another user chimed in, calling it “a major self-own” which was “just sad.”

“Kamala… it is posts like this that destroy your credibility. If your staff cannot vet these properly before posting, you need to fire them. We will always fact-check and investigate all claims like this,” the user wrote.

“Vasu and Rob are non-partisan? Can you prove that?” a third user tweeted.

A conservative account pointed out that a person with partisan ties like Abhiraman should not be allowed to work in the polls.

“The ‘nonpartisan poll worker’ on the left is Vasu Abhiraman, a staffer at the left-wing Alliance for Justice and formerly of ACLU Georgia. This is the sort the federal gov is hiring to register voters which is actually illegal!” the tweet read.

Gates McGavick also weighed in, writing, “A fantastic community note and a great example of how Democrats work with left-wing groups to advance their anti-election integrity agenda.”

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