San Diego Agents Stop Over 100 January Smuggling Operations

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that a single Border Patrol station in the San Diego sector intercepted more than a hundred human smuggling attempts in January alone. This announcement comes amidst the ongoing illegal immigration crisis at the southern border, which is largely ignored by the corporate mainstream media.

According to a press release issued by the CBP on February 22, San Diego Sector’s Brown Field Border Patrol Station has been dealing with increased smuggling of illegals in ordinary vehicles. For example, in just one day, on January 20, agents intercepted 12 vehicles involved in smuggling.

The anti-smuggling operations focused on a 25-mile stretch of State Route 94, State Route 188 in Tecate, California, and Otay Lakes Road, in Jamul and Chula Vista, California. Throughout January, agents patrolling these areas seized more than 130 vehicles involved in human smuggling and arrested over 150 suspected smugglers.

San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Aaron M. Heitke warned of the extreme danger involved when people rely on smugglers to cross the border and encouraged those who want to enter the country to use legal and safe ports of entry, as human smugglers are untrustworthy criminals.

In January, the Biden administration launched a new program aimed at “legitimizing” tens of thousands of illegal migrants every month, which critics argue is intended to downplay the number of illegal alien crossings. Yet, despite claims of a “massive decline” in illegal migrant crossings, the border crisis has not improved.

For example, there has been a 700% increase in illegal Chinese migrants at the southern U.S. border since the start of Fiscal Year 2023. Experts have warned that some Chinese migrants could even be Chinese Communist Party (CCP) plants.

Several recent incidents in the San Diego sector highlight the danger to human life and the severity of the border crisis, including the arrest of a U.S. citizen on January 3 for alien smuggling. Agents stopped a vehicle that was occupied by a driver and front seat passenger, as well as three additional people lying down in the rear seat. The passengers admitted to being illegally present in the United States. A vehicle search revealed a handgun loaded with a high-capacity magazine containing 14 rounds.

On the evening of January 9, agents stopped a vehicle, discovering four individuals attempting to conceal themselves. During a vehicle search, body armor was found in the trunk. In another incident on January 26, agents stopped a vehicle with three individuals concealed in the trunk and one lying in the back seat. The driver and front passenger were arrested for alien smuggling, and the car was found to be stolen, with the driver having an outstanding warrant.

The Biden administration’s border policies have been widely criticized, with many calling for more robust measures to address the ongoing crisis. However, until concrete steps are taken to address the real causes of the crisis and disincentivize illegal migration, the situation will only worsen.

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