Harris Praised For Calling For ‘Immediate Ceasefire’ In Gaza

Vice President Kamala Harris called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza on Sunday. Stating that the ceasefire would last “six weeks,” she said the pause would make way for Hamas to release some of hostages it took from Israel during its attack on the nation on Oct. 7.

During a speech in Selma, Alabama on Sunday, she said, “What we are seeing every day in Gaza is devastating,” adding that “there must be an immediate ceasefire for at least the next six weeks.”

“This will get the hostages out and get a significant amount of aid in. This will allow us to build something more enduring to ensure Israel is secure and to respect the right of Palestinian people to dignity, freedom and self-determination,” she added.

Harris’ remarks scored her points with progressives and the mainstream media as the Daily Mail called her speech “a departure from the more cautious approach so far favored by Biden, as he struggles to strike a balance between the US’ role as an ally to Israel, with growing international outrage over its bombing of Gaza.”

The media outlet also called her comments “the most strident from a senior member of the Biden administration since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack.”

However, as Breitbart pointed out, Harris’ demand largely echoes President Joe Biden’s current proposal for a six-weeks long ceasefire in which Hamas would release some of the 134 hostages it still holds. During that time, more aid would go into Gaza and Israel would release more Palestinian terror convicts in prison.

The only difference Harris made in her speech was the word “immediate.”

The Daily Mail is also wrong in its claim that the vice president’s remarks made the strongest condemnation of Israel’s role in the war by a senior member of the Biden administration. Biden himself accused Israel of “indiscriminate bombing,” a claim the White House had to walk back with the excuse that the president had only been worried about the effect the civilian casualties in Gaza would have on Israel’s image.

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