Aggrieved Mother Calls Out Biden Administration For Border Collapse

A grieving mother, who lost her 20-year-old autistic daughter Kayla Hamilton to a brutal murder allegedly committed by an illegal immigrant associated with the notorious MS-13 gang, has a message for President Joe Biden and his administration. 

Speaking on Fox & Friends First, Tammy Nobles of Maryland criticized the administration’s border policies, claiming that her daughter would still be alive today if the border was more secure and individuals entering the country were properly vetted.

Nobles passionately expressed her frustration and disappointment, emphasizing the urgent need for thorough background checks on immigrants.

“They let her down. I want them to be properly vetted. They need to be able to check their background, not just for crimes in this country, but also crimes in their country and where they came from,” she stated.

The tragic incident involving Hamilton is a stark example of the repercussions of an unsecured border. She was strangled to death in Aberdeen in July 2022 shortly after she moved to the city with her boyfriend, 22.

Recent reports from the U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement revealed that an El Salvadorian national was charged with first-degree murder after DNA evidence collected at the crime scene matched his DNA. He also faces rape and robbery charges.

While the name of the suspect remains unknown, authorities say he is a 17-year-old boy, to Nobles’ dismay. “When I found out that it was a juvenile, I was shocked. I was like, ‘A juvenile did this to her?’ Like I was really shocked. I could not believe a teenager could do this,” she said.

As border security deteriorates and immigration restrictions such as Title 42 are removed, the immigrant crisis at the southern border has escalated, with an alarming surge in migrants attempting to cross.

The lawlessness that has become the new normal due to slack border policies will have Nobles, who never imagined she would lose her daughter at 20 years old, testify before Congress about the situation at the border. 

Her testimony would be a key part of an investigation set up to look into the administration’s failure to enforce the U.S. immigration law in the entry of Hamilton’s suspected murderer.

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