Trump Scores Landslide Win In Iowa Caucuses

Former President Donald Trump won the Iowa GOP Presidential Caucus on Monday, taking a huge share of the state’s 40 delegates. According to Decision Desk HQ, the GOP front runner led the Republican presidential primary field with a whopping 51% of about 90% of the vote counted on Monday night.

Second place was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who scored 21.3% support, a little above former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley at 19%. Biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy held the fourth position with 7.7% support.

Trump was reportedly a clear winner even when only a low percentage of the vote had been counted. With just 1% of the vote counted, the former president stood at 53.6% with DeSantis at 20.8%, Haley at 17.65 and Ramaswamy at 6.6%.

According to projections, 120,000 voters went out to vote in the caucus in a temperature of -20 degrees.

This would mark the first time a GOP presidential candidate would be so far ahead in the history of Iowa Caucuses.

Trump gave a speech at his victory event after the caucuses thanking “the great people of Iowa” and calling for unity amid loud cheers.

“I want to congratulate Ron and Nikki for having a good time together… I think they both actually did very well. I really do… I also want to congratulate Vivek because he did a hell of a job. He came from zero and he’s got a big percent, probably 8%, almost 8%, and that’s an amazing job,” he stated.

Haley also congratulated Trump on his win at her caucus night event before going on to call for “a new generation of conservative leadership” and speaking against a Trump-Biden rematch.

She then went on to tell the crowd that she was heading to New Hampshire to prepare for the state’s primary.

Speaking with Fox News Digital, Trump expressed feelings of invigoration and honor that he won. “I feel great. I am greatly honored by such an early call.”

“It really is an honor that, minutes after, they’ve announced I’ve won—against very credible competition—great competition, actually,” he stated, adding, “It is a tremendous thing and a tremendous feeling.”

Going into his plans and vision for the country, he said, “We have to get our country back. Our country has gone through so many bad things over the last three years and it is continuing to go through bad things…I feel really invigorated and strong for our country. We want to Make America Great Again—the greatest slogan ever—and the fact is, that’s what we did.”

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