Musk Warns: AI Trained to Lie, Manipulate Society

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and owner of Twitter, has recently shed light on the potential hazards of artificial intelligence (AI) during a conversation with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Musk highlighted the capacity of AI to manipulate society through deception, expressing concern about the current trajectory of AI technology.

“They’re training the AI to lie,” Musk told Tucker Carlson during the first part of the interview broadcast on Monday night. This dishonesty is manifested through AI being instructed to comment selectively while hiding other crucial data. Musk added that the politically correct nature of AI training could distort the truth and contribute to a dystopian future.

Musk also revealed that Google had maintained a monopoly on AI talent for years and criticized the former Google CEO, Larry Page, for disregarding the safety aspects of AI development. He further accused Page of attempting to create a “digital god.”

The potential risk of AI taking over and becoming uncontrollable was discussed as well. Musk acknowledged the possibility of AI reaching a point where it could no longer be turned off and would be making decisions on behalf of humanity.

To counteract the deceptive nature of AI, Musk has promised to develop a more honest artificial intelligence system called “TruthGPT.”

The interview also touched on the Twitter Files, which exposed a web of collusion between Big Tech and the government to censor American citizens. Musk confirmed that federal intelligence agencies had access to users’ direct messages on Twitter, which exceeded previous reports.

Musk expressed shock at the extent of access regarding government involvement with Twitter: “The degree to which various government agencies had effectively had full access to everything that was going on at Twitter blew my mind. I was not aware of that.”

Dan Schneider of MRC Free Speech America commented on Musk’s revelations: “Today’s Democrats and the Deep State are colluding with big tech to try to manipulate us, to try to build a society in their image.”

Meanwhile, Musk criticized Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s political spending, explicitly mentioning his contribution of $400 million to a get-out-the-vote campaign that ultimately supported Democrats.

Fox News contributor Guy Benson expressed his thoughts on AI, stating that dishonesty in AI could be expected since humans control the technology. However, Benson also questioned whether concerns about AI might be overblown, comparing it to the fears surrounding the rise of the internet.

Tammy Bruce, co-host of “The Big Sunday Show,” pointed out the fundamental difference between AI and other technologies: AI is not merely a resource but actively presumes to replace humans in decision-making processes.

Dr. Nicole Saphier, fellow co-host, added that while AI might be capable of responding quickly to specific situations, human perspectives, and real-world experiences should ultimately hold the decision-making power.

Elon Musk’s revelations are a stark reminder of AI’s power and its potential to manipulate society. As AI technology continues to advance, the ethical implications and potential consequences of its development must remain at the forefront of discussion.

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