Trump Is Targeting Sens. Tester, Brown, Sources Say

Former President Donald Trump revealed that he would be targeting two red state Democrat senators for removal this year. Per a source for Fox News, Trump made the revelation during a meeting in Capitol Hill on Thursday when he was asked by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) how important taking back the Senate is.

In response, Trump shared that Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) are on the top of the list of Democrats he would like to see removed and replaced with Republicans.

Speaking of the two Democrats who are facing election in red states he won in 2020, the Republican presidential candidate said, “They opposed everything I did while I was president, and now they are talking like Republicans.”

Asked about how Brown’s seat was a top target for Trump in 2024, Brown’s campaign noted that he “worked with President Trump” during his administration.

Speaking to Fox News, a campaign spokesperson said, “Sherrod will work with anyone when it’s right for Ohio and worked with President Trump to renegotiate NAFTA and pass legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs and make sure law enforcement officers have the resources they need to keep themselves safe and keep fentanyl out of Ohio communities.”

However, his position was blown by the campaign for his opponent, Reagan McCarthy, who noted that his claims of being a moderate are contradicted by his action, as “he votes with Joe Biden 99% of the time and consistently sells out Ohio workers>”

“Brown has supported every single reckless spending package that has resulted in rampant inflation, voted for Biden’s attacks on American energy in favor of green energy schemes, and enabled Biden’s open-border invasion. We look forward to exposing his left-wing record and sending him packing in November,” said Reagan McCarthy, communications director for the campaign of Bernie Moreno, who was endorsed by Trump for the congressional seat.

A spokesperson for the senator also pointed out how Trump “signed more than 20 of Jon Tester’s bills into law.”

Monica Robinson, spokesperson for Montanans for Tester, went on to say, “Jon Tester does what’s right for Montana. That’s why when President Trump was in office, he signed more than 20 of Jon Tester’s bills into law to help veterans, crack down on government waste and abuse, and support our first responders.”

Tester’s GOP opponent Tim Sheehy, has however, warned in the past that the senator only appears more moderate when it’s election season.

Speaking to Fox News in November, Sheehy said, “You know this is what he does. Five years out of every six he’s a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, firm progressive. Votes lockstep with [Senate Majority Leader Chuck] Schumer, Biden and every other progressive in the country. And then, for his election year, he tries to shift back to the center and act like he’s a moderate.”

Earlier this month, Sheehy, who won the Republican Party’s nomination to face off with Tester earlier this month, laid out Biden agenda laws which the Democrat senator mostly supported.

During a debate with Tester, Sheehy said, “Jon Tester and I can both be good men who want the best for the future. We can also disagree on how we want that to be achieved. And right now, Democrat control of the White House and the Senate has led our nation to the worst condition we’ve been in in 40 years…It’s time for a change of leadership, America is not heading in the right direction.”

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