Biden Campaign Pushes Debunked Hoaxes, Mockery Of Trump On His Birthday

Former President Donald Trump’s birthday was on Friday and President Joe Biden’s campaign chose to taunt him with a list of fake “accomplishments,” which included debunked hoaxes regarding the Republican presidential candidate.

In their list, the campaign wrote, “Ah, another year around the sun for Donald Trump. 78 years. We know how important it is to Donald to be #1. So, to celebrate, we
thought we would compile 78 of Trump’s historic… ‘accomplishments.’”

Starting with things like Trump “fell asleep – a lot,” “went bankrupt,” “failed a casino owner,” “failed as a airline, hotel and university owner,” “failed at creating a magazine and a board game,” the campaign moved on to more sensitive issues, starting with the claim that Trump “launched his political career on the racist lie Barack Obama wasn’t born
in America.”

One of the “accomplishments” listed out by the campaign is that Trump “suggested Americans inject themselves with bleach” during COVID and later said “there’s be be a ‘bloodbath’ if
he lost.

These two claims are however, not true and have been debunked. In a previous report on how false the bleach claim was, Breitbart News clarified that “Trump never told anyone to inject bleach, much less in their arm. Nor did he tell anyone to ingest bleach.”

Democrats came up with the “Bloodbath Hoax” much more recently when Trump spoke about the economic bloodbath that the American auto industry would face under a second Biden administration due to his electric vehicle mandates.

Quick to take their greatest political threat’s words out of context, the Biden campaign and mainstream media has since claimed that he was threatening political violence if he did not win.

Another hoax on the Biden campaign’s list of “accomplishments” of Trump is a claim that Trump “said there were ‘very fine people’ among the crowd of white nationalists
and neo-Nazis who chanted ‘Jews will not replace us’ in Charlottesville.”

That claim was fact-checked back in August 2020 and found to be false, as Breitbart News Senior Editor Joel Pollak noted that Trump was referring to “peaceful protests both for and against the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.”

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