Former WH Doctor And Lawmaker Says Biden Is Clearly Unwell

Former White House doctor and Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) believes that President Joe Biden’s failing health is very visible.

During a Friday appearance on “Breitbart News Daily,” Jackson said that one does not have to be a doctor to see that something is not right with Trump.

“Well, I think … you don’t have to be a physician anymore,” he stated when host Mike Slater asked him what he thinks when he sees videos of Biden.

“There’s not little subtle clues, you know, that I’m picking up as a physician and somebody who was at the White House for 14 years and worked for three different presidents, and I’m picking up on some, you know, little issue that nobody else can see,” he added.

Noting that “everyone knows what this is,” Jackson went on to say, “Everyone has had a relative that’s gone through this, and everyone you talk to is like, I know exactly what that is. I had an aunt and uncle, a grandparent that went through this process. You know, that’s Alzheimer’s. That’s dementia of some sort. That’s Parkinson’s. That’s multi-infarct dementia.”

The former White House doctor also emphasized that the president, who is looking to serve another term, is dealing with some “serious cognitive issues related to his age, not allowing him to function.”

“He’s not fit to be president. He’s not fit to be commander-in-chief and head of state, and everybody can see it. You don’t have to be a doctor to see it, but, yeah, slurring his speech, you know, shuffling when he walks. He’s freezing up now. He’s all rigid, just freezing up. He doesn’t know where he’s at, what he’s doing. He turns around, he just walks off into oblivion,” he said.

Noting that “other world leaders are having to go over and capture him and bring him back into the fold,” Jackson stated, “It’s embarrassing, right?”

Jackson’s remarks come amid concerns about Biden’s health, with multiple cases of him stumbling and falling. The concerns are not just limited to his physical health, as critics have pointed to his frequent memory lapses and confusion during speeches and interviews as evidence of a deeper issue. A special counsel report from February revealed that the president’s memory is “hazy” and having “significant limitations.”

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