New Wave: Biden DHS Brought In 100,000 New Migrants

A new wave of migrants entered the United States in 2022 thanks to a hidden immigration back door operated by the Biden Administration.

The news was reported by the New York Times, ironically in an article trying to defend President Biden on border issues. According to the newspaper, Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.) head Alejandro Mayorkas, accepted more than 100,000 new migrants into the country last year.

The program operated through a program known as CBP One allowed in the migrants between May to December last year.

The news came as part of a number of depressing immigration and border protection statistics released by the White House.

The latest wave of migrants crossing into our country comes at a time of extreme violence in Mexico. Our southern neighbors have seen an effective war between drug cartels and the Mexican government.

The wave of violence began after Mexican authorities arrested the son of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Ovidio Guzman Lopez. The increased violence is likely to spark a fresh wave of new people coming to the border.

The situation is so bad that twenty states controlled by Republicans are suing the Biden White House over the policy. There is a good chance that the Biden sleight of hands could be reversed in the courts, but the damage may already be done.

The country is facing a new immigration crisis, and the resources of communities facing waves of migrants are being stretched. The situation is so bad that even some blue states and cities are calling for stricter measures.

Some, such as new Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs (D), are even bussing out migrants to other locations.

The Biden Administration is claiming success on the southern border, but those on the scene know that it isn’t so. The increased waves of migrants coming across the border from Mexico further solidify former President Trump’s call for a wall.

Between the increase in the drug trade and hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, our open border is a disgrace. The Biden Administration ended the common sense policies of Donald Trump, and we’re all paying the price.

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