Media Freaks Out Over Hockey Uniforms On Pride Night

There’s a new controversy over politics in sports, this time again in hockey. Not complying with left-wing social causes is sparking a media-feeding frenzy.

The New York Rangers declined to wear a special pride night jersey prior to their game this week. The team was going to wear the jerseys during their warm-up game Friday. However, the team did not decide to wear them.

While the Rangers decided to make a statement supporting gay causes, it just wasn’t enough for the media. It also shows the extent of the compliance that every part of society has to have for left-wing social causes.

The media attacks mirror a similar incident earlier this month. Philadelphia Flyers player Ivan Provorov would not wear a special jersey for L.G.B.T. pride night.

Let’s hope that there isn’t a further issue down the line for the Rangers or their players. The National Hockey League (N.H.L.) is increasingly willing to wade into social issues such as their colleague in football and baseball.

The league announced last year a diversity and inclusion plan as “intentionally seeking a greater diversity of experiences throughout hockey, whether you are in it to play, work, or watch.”

The issue is far bigger than sports. This isn’t just a matter of hockey or just one team. Instead, it is a matter of whether or not sports leagues will bend to every left-wing concept making the rounds.

Even worse, the attention gotten by the recent N.H.L. case is likely to create similar issues in the future. The media frenzy is likely to create a major furor in other sports. It’s also likely to push left-wing agendas every time they come up.

What started as one player taking a knee in the National Football League (N.F.L.) has grown into a near-compulsory performative act by its players.

The N.H.L. has a chance to make a choice: will they enter into the realm of wokeness or attempt to resist it

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