Document Hypocrisy: NYT Blames Trump Only Over Classified Info

The narrative about classified documents is shifting before our very eyes. Now that a number of classified documents were found in President Joe Biden’s home, the media spin machine is moving into overdrive to attack former President Donald Trump.

The New York Times published an op-ed that gives a pass for mishandling classified documents unless you’re the 45th president.

There is a passage that makes a heck of a stretch:

“The three cases have important differences. Notably, Trump resisted efforts to retrieve the documents, while Biden and Pence returned them voluntarily.”

The answer shouldn’t be much of surprise: the left-wingers in the media only care about when Donald J. Trump made an error with classified documents.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server? It seems to be no big deal to the mainstream press.

Joe Biden storing documents from his time as Vice President and as senator in his home? Apparently, it’s a victimless crime.

When Donald Trump does something similar with documents as Joe Biden is being accused? Then we have a full return to the Trump derangement syndrome that was so prevalent during his presidency.

Perhaps the hypocrisy is to be expected, but such ideas are also dangerous to the American public in general. If only Democrats are able to get away with perceived wrongdoing, many citizens will perceive our justice system as only benefitting the left.

Whether it is Antifa violence in cities or Black Lives Matter riots, the left is getting used to being able to be excused by those in the media.

This form of lawlessness is also a major national security concern. What if Hunter Biden had access to the classified documents found in Joe Biden’s garage?

With the Senate Intelligence Committee requesting more information about the Biden docs, there is a small chance we’ll get more answers. Keep in mind, of course, that the Senate is controlled by the Democrats.

The latest revelations of the found Biden documents will likely not be the last. Perhaps a better understanding of the situation could lead to an actual resolution.

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