KJP Condemns Gov For Sending Illegal Immigrants To Sanctuary Cities

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre spoke against governors of border states for transporting illegal immigrants to sanctuary states and cities.

Speaking on CNN in her first appearance on behalf of the White House for the year, Jean-Pierre said, “The busing of migrants, the putting them on flights, it is shameful that that is occurring. And instead of — if the governor really wants to deal with this issue, he should talk to the senators in his state.”

While she focused on the governors, people on social media criticized her for failing to focus on the Biden admin’s failure. According to critics, the country would not have a lot of illegal immigrants if the administration had done its job enforcing immigration law in the first place.

In response to a video of Jean-Pierre’s complaint, Rita Panahi stated, “Shameful to have Democrat voters face the consequences of the policies they supported.”

A user named Tom Moore weighed in to say, “Hypocrisy alert. Sanctuary city mayors welcomed the Fed Funds with open arms and the virtue signaling, but not the responsibility that actually comes with caring for illegal aliens. WH Press Secretary KJP parrots feigned outrage in support of liberal mayors.”

Some also pointed out that leaders or sanctuary states and cities opened the door for the bussing of migrants to their homes by choosing to be sanctuary cities.

“I mean they asked for it,” Robert Patrick wrote.

“That’s not even being slightly caustic, it’s precisely what announcing yourself as a sanctuary city is,” he added.

Another person tweeted, “Oh KJP. These ‘sanctuary cities’ have decided, in violation of our Constitution and human trafficking laws, that they would indeed harbor, aid and abet human trafficking and illegal alien criminals. So as long as [Joe Biden] wants to leave our border wide open, ‘sanctuary cities’ are the only logical place to send them.”

The condemnation of the border state governors was not all Jean-Pierre had to offer during the interview as she also claimed that no other president had done more than President Joe Biden did in two years.

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