Hamas Rocket Hits Children’s Playground In Israel

Hamas fired a rocket that landed in the middle of a children’s playground in Israel on Friday. According to The Jerusalem Post, the terrorist group launched a total of 14 rockets from inside Rafah at Beersheba, making the first time the southern Israeli city would be attacked with rockets in five months.

A video published by the Israeli Defense Forces shows one of the rockets fired landing in the middle of a playground. Shrapnel could be seen flying everywhere when the explosion hit. However, no casualties were recorded as no children were at the playground when the rocket hit.

A middle-aged woman was hit by the shrapnel but her injuries were minor,

According to the IDF, two launch sites were located inside Rafah and destroyed.

Secondary explosions were reportedly detected during the strike, leading the IDF to believe that there were additional weapons and munitions deployed.

In a statement on the incident, an IDF spokesperson stated, “The locations of the launch posts further show how Hamas intentionally embeds itself in close proximity to civilian population and infrastructure throughout the Gaza Strip.”

Medics from Magen David Adom stated that “we arrived at the scene with many personnel, we saw a lot of commotion and damage to the playground, and nearby, was a 37-year-old woman who was fully conscious and suffered from a shrapnel wound to her leg.”

The Friday attack from Hamas is a rare one as the Israeli city of Beersheba has not been targeted by a rocket since December as Hamas has reportedly reduced its attacks having run out of ammunition and sustained heavy losses of personnel.

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