Did Joe Biden Help Hunter Biden Defy Subpoena?

House Republicans are looking into the possibility of President Joe Biden helping his son, Hunter Biden, defy the Congressional subpoena earlier this month.

A demand letter from House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) and Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) to White House Counsel Edward Siskel seeks to find out if the president was involved in “a conspiracy to obstruct a proceeding of Congress” with Hunter.

On Dec. 13, Hunter was meant to submit himself for a closed door deposition. He, however, failed to appear and instead stood outside the Capitol to grant a lengthy press conference. When probed about Hunter’s defiant move, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Biden was aware of what Hunter was going to say at the press conference that day.

Now, GOP lawmakers are holding on to Jean-Pierre’s revelation and wondering if Hunter’s decision to defy the subpoena was a conspiracy.

“In light of an official statement from the White House that President Biden was aware in advance that his son, Hunter Biden, would knowingly defy two congressional subpoenas, we are compelled to examine as part of our impeachment inquiry whether the President engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct a proceeding of Congress,” the letter wrote in part.

The letter added that it is against the law to “corruptly . . . endeavor[] to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any investigation or inquiry is being had by . . . any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress[.]”

“In light of Ms. Jean-Pierre’s statement, we are compelled to examine the involvement of the President in his son’s scheme to defy the Committees’ subpoenas,” the letter read further.

As the lawmakers pointed out, aiding, abetting, advising, commanding or inducing a crime carries the same punishment as the commission of the crime.

After his refusal to submit to the subpoenaed closed-door deposition, Comer and Jordan initiated contempt of Congress proceedings against him. If he is prosecuted and convicted, he could be slammed with a fine of up to $!00,000 and imprisonment.

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