Border Crisis Causing Internal Fighting In White House

There is currently strife in the White House and it is all because of the crisis caused by President Joe Biden’s failure to secure the U.S. southern border, a report from Axios says. According to the report, Biden has been having emotional outbursts over the issue, exploding at staffers and cabinet secretaries. He is also increasingly unpleasant when the issue of the border comes up, contributing to the inaction surrounding the issue.

“If you’re the person briefing the president, you get to piss him off every day,” a former government official said.

A huge chunk of the strife within the administration was caused by Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice who has reportedly been hostile toward others. Instances of her behavior include using outrightly insulting words on Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra as an “idiot” and a “b***h-a*s.”

Rice also has it out for Harris, whom she believes tried to sabotage her from being Biden vice presidential pick.

Some Biden officials admitted to the publication that “the administration has fallen far short” when it comes to taking action to fix the crisis.

While the report tried to absolve the administration of the border crisis due to its leanings to the left, it put some blame on Vice President Kamala Harris, who was tapped to find a solution to the border crisis.

As highlighted by the report, a former Biden administration official deemed her incompetent at her job. “She’s been at best ineffective, and at worst sporadically engaged and not seeing it was her responsibility. It’s an opportunity for her, and she didn’t fill the breach,” the official said.

Biden, however, also had a direct hand in creating the crisis with his policies which practically opened up the border for migrants to flood in.

The report highlighted that the administration is stuck in indecision over how to handle the border situation. A good part of the indecision is differing ideologies, as some officials are pushing for policies that will punish or remove people who crossed the border illegally while others want the administration to reform asylum policies and expand legal pathways for illegal crossers to stay in the country.

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