Bill Maher Questions Biden’s Re-Election Prospects, Citing Age

In a recent episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” liberal comedian Bill Maher doubted President Joe Biden’s chances of winning re-election. While he said he believes the incumbent president can do the job, he worries his age might be in the way.

While speaking with former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile, the two discussed the Democratic strategist David Axelrod’s recent statement, suggesting that Biden should consider stepping aside from the race due to the possibility of losing to the Republican nominee.

Maher brought up the age issue, asking Brazile, “What do you think of prominent Democrats like David Axelrod calling for Biden to, quote, ‘get out or get going’?”

In response, Brazile acknowledged the perception that Biden is perhaps too old but emphasized that everyone ages differently. “Don’t spill the water or something might come out of it. You know, everyone ages differently. You know, so, Betty White lived to be 99. Mick Jagger is still twisting his a**,” he added.

Maher noted that the argument needed a strong case to support it. He stated, “Do I think Joe Biden can do the job? Absolutely. I don’t think he can win the job. And that’s what I care about. He’s going to lose. Because the people think he’s too old. And perception is reality. I’m sorry.”

This isn’t the first time Bill Maher has suggested Biden’s age might hinder his bid for a second term. In late September, the radio host expressed his concern, stating, “Someone has to convince President Biden that if he runs again, he’s going to turn the country back over to Trump and go… down in history as Ruth Bader Biden, the person who doesn’t know when to quit and so does great damage to their party and their country.”

Late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who, despite opportunities to retire during the Obama administration, remained in her position, only to pass away during the Trump administration. Many on the left took issue with this, as they say she could have been replaced with a liberal justice if she had decided to retire during the Obama administration. After her death in 2020, she was replaced by Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who was nominated by former President Donald Trump.

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