Trump Touts Middle East Successes Amid Biden’s Struggles

In a recent campaign rally in Clive, Iowa, former President Donald Trump took the stage and passionately spoke about his Middle East foreign policy record, highlighting the stark contrast he sees with the current state of affairs under President Joe Biden.

“Making America Great Again must begin with making America strong again and making America safe again,” Trump declared to a crowd gathered less than 100 days from the Iowa Caucus.

Trump emphasized that during his tenure, the world witnessed a retreat of what he referred to as “thugs, villains, killers, and savages.” He attributed this to having a president who stood firmly for America, Israel, and Judeo-Christian civilization.

Looking back on his four years in office, Trump declared, “In four short years, I obliterated the ISIS territorial caliphate. I terminated its founder and leader, Al Baghdadi. I annihilated the senior ranks of Al Qaeda. I eliminated Iran’s terrorist mastermind Kassem Solemani, who was killing our soldiers by the thousands and killing everyone else. I withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, crushed the murderous Iranian regime with sanctions, and starved Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Iranian proxies of funding and support.”

He also highlighted his unwavering support for Israel, stating, “I choked off the money to corrupt Palestinian organizations, and stood with Israel like no president in history — recognizing the eternal capital, opening the American Embassy in Jerusalem, and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. And with the historic Abraham Accords, we even had peace in the Middle East.”


However, Trump expressed a contrasting view of the current administration, criticizing what he sees as a weak and incompetent leadership. “Under Crooked Joe, it’s danger, death, and destruction all over the world,” he stated.

Trump further asserted that the attacks on Israel by Hamas would never have occurred under his watch. “When I left office, Iran was weak, broke, and desperate to make a deal. I told other nations, including China, that if you buy oil from Iran, you can’t do business in the United States. Every single one of them complied,” he stated.

He went on to criticize the Biden administration’s handling of Iran, stating, “I hammered Iranian oil exports down to a record low — but then Biden came in, loosened my sanctions, and today Iran is producing more than three million barrels a day. Iran went from bleeding money under me to raking in $100 billion dollars a year under Crooked Joe.”

Trump also criticized the decision to release $6 billion for Iran in exchange for five American hostages, asserting that this money is now being used for harmful purposes. “Iran initiated the attacks on Israel and is actively seeking involvement,” he claimed.

In conclusion, Trump expressed deep concern for the state of the country, pledging to stand with Israel wholeheartedly. He promised to cut off funding to Palestinian terrorists from day one and pledged unwavering support for Israel’s efforts against groups like Hamas, also vowing to continue pressuring the Iranian regime until its capacity to fund violence and terror is thoroughly dismantled.

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