Trump Says House Arrest Would Be Breaking Point

Former President Donald Trump said on Sunday that placing him under house arrest would be a “breaking point” for the American public, as he argued that they “would not stand for it.”

Trump made the remarks during a conversation with Fox News hosts Will Cain, Rachel Campos-Duffy and Pete Hegseth, saying, “I’m not sure the public would stand for it.”

That line of discussion began with Hegseth noting, “The legal maze that you’re still facing and they could it judge could decide to say hey house arrest or even jail It could be faced.”

In response, Trump stated, “I’m ok with it. I saw one of my lawyers the other day on television saying, oh, no, you don’t want to do that to the press. I said don’t you don’t beg for anything. Think of it they have all my books.”

“That could happen. I don’t know that the public would stand it, you know, I don’t. I’m not sure the public would stand for it,” he added.

In a bid to clarify the Republican presidential candidate’s position, Hegseth asked, “Your saying if you got house arrest?”

In response, Trump said, “I think it’d be tough for the public to take. At a certain point, there’s a breaking point.”

At another point during the interview, the GOP presumptive nominee emphasized on his belief that the trial and the unfavorable outcome is a political witch hunt in which the justice system was weaponized against him.

The question of incarceration has been up for Trump since he was found guilty of 34 counts of falsification of business records on Thursday. While many Democrats have rejoiced at news of his conviction and expressed hopes that he gets put in prison, there are alternatives to imprisonment such as community service or probation.

Legal experts have said that it is unlikely for him to be incarcerated after his conviction. However it pans out, there is nothing stopping him from carrying on with his bid to become the next president of the United States.

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