Biden Flashes ‘Disturbing,’ ‘Evil’ Smile After Question About Trump Being ‘Political Prisoner’

President Joe Biden is facing a wave of backlash over a strange response when he was asked about former President Donald Trump’s criminal conviction. The question was asked of Biden after he concluded remarks from the White House, in which he said that it was “reckless, it’s dangerous, it’s irresponsible for anyone to say” that Trump’s hush money trial was rigged “just because they don’t like the verdict.”

As he walked away from the podium after concluding his speech, a reporter asked, “Donald Trump refers to himself as a political prisoner and blames you directly. What’s your response to that, sir?”

Biden did not offer a verbal response. However, he turned to the reporters and flashed a smile. The smile, which was deemed “disturbing” by many, went on for almost 10 seconds, before the president walked away.

Biden’s questionable reaction was pointed out by social media users, with Karoline Leavitt, spokesperson for the Trump campaign deeming it, “Evil.”

A Republican National Committee X account shared a video of the moment, branding it “Pure Evil.”

Former ESPN reporter, Sage Steele, wrote, Honestly, I rarely use the word evil to describe another human being but…..”

The Spectator editor Amber Duke tweeted, “The President of the United States’ disturbing reaction to being asked if Trump is a political prisoner and if he is responsible for Trump’s criminal conviction.”

As for senior Trump campaign official Jason Miller, the issue lies in Biden’s walk away from the podium.

“Where was the senile fool shuffling off to???” Miller commented, per Fox News.

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