Trump: I Will Save America’s Democracy

During a Saturday speech in New York, former President Donald Trump dismissed Democrats’ favorite talking point that accuse him and the Republican Party of being threats to democracy. According to him, President Joe Biden “is the real threat” the American people need to be wary of.

“The radical left Democrats, their fake news allies have unveiled their newest hoax that Donald J. And the Republican Party are a threat to democracy … This is their new line. Here we go again — ‘Russia, Russia, Russia,’ ‘Mueller, Mueller, Mueller,’ ‘Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine.’ One hoax after another,” he stated.

The GOP presidential candidate clarified that he is not the threat to democracy but a potential savior to it. “But no, I’m not a threat. I will save democracy. The threat is Crooked Joe Biden,” he said.

He went on to deride the talking point as a “hoax,” chalking it up to a “desperate and shameless attempt to distract from the monstrous abuses of power the left is committing before your very eyes.”

According to Trump, Democrats and the mainstream media “think the threat to democracy will save Biden from having created the worst inflation in our country’s history, a fragile economy that may soon end in a depression like 1929 … We are very, very close to a depression, the likes of which you have never seen. We owe $36 trillion and this guy has no clue.”

Elsewhere during the speech, the GOP front runner also spoke about his plan to make America great again after he is reelected to the White House.

“We will throw off the sick political class that hates our country. We will rout the fake news media. We will evict Joe Biden from the White House and we will finish. This job of making our country great again once and for all,” he stated.

Biden and many Democrats have warned against the reelection of Trump, saying that it would completely damage U.S. democracy. During a fundraiser in Los Angeles on Saturday, Biden repeated the same thing, saying that “the greatest threat Trump poses is to the democracy.”

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