Megyn Kelly Reveals Chris Christie Was ‘Pissed’ At Her During Debate

After serving as a moderator in the fourth Republican primary debate hosted by NewsNation in Alabama on Wednesday, Megyn Kelly revealed that she truly had an encounter with former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during a commercial break amid the debate. Her revelation comes amid the circulation of a video that showed the GOP presidential candidate approaching her in a manner seen as hostile by many.

“There was all sorts of speculation about what was happening there. I will tell you what was happening there. It was not off the record,” she stated.

According to her, Christie, “pissed” that he did not get more questions, approached her during the break to confront her with his concerns.

She recounted, “He was pissed off. He was mad that he wasn’t getting enough questions. And he said, ‘I made it up on this stage and I haven’t been able to speak in a while. And I should have been brought in on that last debate.’”

Addressing why Christie was not given a lot of chances to speak during the first half of the debate, Kelly explained that the moderators were trying to give the candidates time to tackle each other.

“The sort of even distribution of questions got mucked up by all the arguing,” she stated.

She also explained that the time Christie was given to speak was fair considering how low he is on the polls.

In her words, “Having said all that, I knew very well that Christie was going to get asked a Trump question having to do with immigration at the top of the next hour so it was totally fair to him. And he’s polling at 2%! Okay? In no debate ever, and I’ve now done six of them, have we given as many questions to the guy who’s at 3% as to the person who’s in the lead, at least amongst the candidates on the stage? I’m sorry, Governor Christie. That’s the way it is.”

She then pointed out CNN’s timing of the candidate’s speaking portions onstage which gave biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy the highest time – 22 minutes. According to CNN, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was next, with 21 minutes, followed by former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. Christie was not far behind Haley, with 16 and 52 seconds.

Wednesday’s debate is widely regarded as a beatdown on Christie, as he was confronted with the fact that he is more unliked than former President Donald Trump, who he has made a life’s mission of attacking.

A viral part of the debate was when Kelly told him, “You’ve even said you got into this race just to stop President Trump. His approval rating with Republicans is currently at 81%. Yours is at 25%.”

She went on, “Your best state is New Hampshire and even there, two-thirds of GOP say they would be angry and disappointed if you won. Respectfully, governor, you have not stopped Mr. Trump, and voters may wonder how you could possibly become the nominee of a party that does not appear to like you very much.”

In response, Christie chalked his dislike up to his affinity for the truth, saying, “It’s often very difficult to be the only person on the stage who is telling the truth and who is taking on what needs to be taken on.”

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