Thousands Rally Across Europe In Support Of Israel

Protests erupted across Europe over the weekend as citizens united in a powerful show of support for Israel and called for the immediate release of hostages held by the Islamist Hamas terror organization. The rallies, held in Berlin, Geneva and London, were marked by a sense of mourning for the tragic loss of more than 1,400 innocent lives in Israel and the estimated 200 individuals still held hostage by Hamas terrorists.

In Central London, impassioned demonstrators chanted, “Bring them home,” while hoisting placards that read, “Release the hostages.”

Government minister Michael Gove, a staunch advocate of strong ties with Israel, made a notable appearance at the rally, asserting that “Britain stands with Israel.”

Gove spoke emotionally about the suffering endured by the affected families, emphasizing the heinous nature of the Oct. 7th terror attacks. “There are no words to describe the suffering of families who have seen their relatives butchered in front of them, and relatives who live in hope that those who were living peacefully in their homes just two weeks ago and are now in a Hamas dungeon should be freed,” Gove declared, as reported by the PA News agency.

He continued, “No words can sum up the evil of those responsible for these acts… We must stand together against it. We must stand for life. We must bring the hostages home.”

Gove concluded with a poignant statement differentiating the Israel Defense Forces from Hamas terrorists. “The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) are there to protect civilians. Hamas exists to slaughter civilians,” he declared.

Across the continent, approximately ten thousand people gathered outside Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate. Many among them held pictures of the individuals taken hostage by Hamas, some of whom were German citizens. 

This rally coincided with a surge in antisemitic crimes across Germany, prompting condemnation from German leaders, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz. 

Addressing the crowd, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his deep concern, saying, “It is unbearable that Jews are living in fear again today—in our country of all places. Every single attack on Jews, on Jewish institutions, is a disgrace for Germany. Every single attack fills me with shame and anger.”

In Geneva, Switzerland, the Voice for Freedom Coalition, consisting of pro-Israel Christian groups from around the world, staged a protest outside the United Nations’ offices. This rally drew the participation of at least three family members of those held hostage by Hamas, as demonstrators spotted Israeli flags and flashed placards or t-shirts that read, “Set them free,” “Never again is NOW” and “Innocent life is non-negotiable.”

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