Blinken: No Country Should Tolerate Hamas Attack

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is putting himself in Israel’s shoes as he staunchly defends the nation’s right to protect itself in the ongoing conflict with Hamas. In a recent interview with Margaret Brennan on CBS’ “Face The Nation,” Blinken made it clear that Israel’s actions are both justified and necessary.

“No country, no country can be expected to tolerate this, to live with this,” Blinken passionately stated, referring to the constant threat that Hamas poses to Israel and the terrorist group’s unprecedented attack on Israel that left about 1,400 people dead. 

“And, as we said from the start, Israel has both the right and even the obligation not only to defend itself but to try to make sure that, to the best of its ability, this can’t happen again.”

Blinken emphasized the importance of Israel’s actions being not only effective but also ensuring the safety of civilians caught in the crossfire. “It’s important, as we said, not only what they do, but how they do it, particularly when it comes to making sure that civilians are as protected as they possibly can be in this crossfire of Hamas’ making. But in terms of what we’re talking to Israel about in their military operations, it really is focused on both how they do it and how best to achieve the results that they seek,” he added.

The Secretary of State went on to underscore that Israel must take proactive measures to prevent future conflicts. “We have to remember. Israel has to do everything it can to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Freezing things in place where they are now would allow Hamas to remain where it is and to repeat what it’s done sometime in the future. No country could accept that,” he stated.

When asked about a Palestinian spokesman’s plea for an end to Israel’s actions, Blinken responded with clarity. “Enough is enough should have been the case with Hamas two weeks ago,” he asserted. “It would be good to hear the entire world speaking clearly and with one voice about the actions that Hamas took, about the slaughter of people, about the fact that that should be absolutely intolerable, unacceptable to anyone anywhere, any country, any people.”

While he expressed his deep concern for the innocent lives affected by the conflict, Blinken, in the interview, firmly placed the blame on Hamas, which is basically using Palestinians in Gaza as a live shield.

Blinken’s statements come as he has consistently shown his commitment to Israel’s right to self-defense in the face of the threat posed by Hamas. In response to the recent deadly attacks by the Palestinian group, he has visited Israel twice, reaffirming unwavering U.S. support for the nation.

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