The Supreme Court Leak Investigation Is Not Over

The investigation into the leaker of last year’s Hobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision will continue. This comes after a Supreme Court investigation could not nab the culprit. However, members of the House Judiciary Committee announced that they would continue the probe.

The news came after this week’s 20-page report from the Supreme Court that could not locate the leaker. The report even went so far as to interview each member of the Supreme Court.

It is disappointing that the leaker could not be found in the first round of investigations. However, there is a chance that this new branch of queries could unravel the mystery.

The leak of the Dobbs decision undermined public trust in the Supreme Court. It increased feelings of partisanship and mistrust over the fact that someone released the secret document.

Finding the leaker should be one of the top priorities among House Republicans— and the GOP in general. This would also reduce the chance that there would be future leakers of large cases. This could significantly improve trust in the institution.

Since the Supreme Court is intended to be non-political, the news of the leak astonished many in the legal community. Not to overuse a phrase, but it was unprecedented in recent legal record.

The recriminations have been severe and may have played a major role in the results of the 2022 midterm elections. For Republicans who just barely lost their races, the Dobbs leak may have been the difference.

This issue could be solved prior to the 2024 election. It would be a nice change of pace for Democrats to fully cooperate with House Republicans in getting to the bottom of the identity of the leaker.

The investigation of the matter was a promise of Republican candidates in the fall, and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan announced the investigation. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a resolution to this thorny political issue. Rep. Jordan and the Republicans on the Committee have their work cut out for them.

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