Biden Document Case Gains Steam After Raid

Support for an investigation into classified documents illegally held by President Joe Biden is increasing.

The Department of Justice search, announced Saturday night, has a similar shock as the raid that was carried out against former President Trump at Mar-a-Lago last year. It also comes at bad political timing for Joe Biden.

The raid is raising plenty of questions and comparisons to the Trump raid. In addition, since six new classified documents were found in Biden’s home, a whole new dimension of the scandal grows.

The Biden Administration is under particular stress after Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the naming of a Special Counsel. It’s anyone’s guess about whether the Justice Department would charge a sitting president. It seems perfectly unlikely right now.

That being said, the political damage to Joe Biden is immense. Coming at a time of sky-high egg and gas prices, the president can’t afford many more weeks like this.

The search lasted nearly 13 hours Friday and shows just how serious the search was. This was confirmed by Joseph D. Fitzpatrick, the Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

The White House has yet to comment on the growing scandal and latest search. Top Republicans will surely have a lot to say on Sunday as news of the new documents broke Saturday night.

There are options for the Republican House to further investigations into the classified document handling of Joe Biden. These documents were brought into illegal custody during Biden’s time as Vice President. And considering the vitriol Biden’s Justice Department used against Trump, this must be a bitter pill to swallow.

The news of more classified documents make it more likely that Special Counsel Robert Hur would issue a legal sanction against the president. The closed nature of such investigations means we won’t know much more for a while. In the meantime, perhaps the House Republicans can get their own investigation up and running.

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