South Korea, Colombia Watching Suspected Spy Balloons

The United States is not alone — more balloons have been discovered throughout the world this weekend. South Korea is claiming a North Korean balloon was flying through its country, all while the Colombian military reported spotting a “balloon-like object” above.

Authorities in Colombia said that an object was found 55,000 feet up in the country’s sky, flying at a speed of fewer than 30 miles per hour. It was said to have “characteristics similar to those of a balloon,” and has been determined to not pose a threat to national security.

While Colombian military officials did not speculate as to where the strange object may have come from, the U.S. military notably claimed that a Chinese “unmanned aircraft” was making rounds in Latin America around the same time an alleged Chinese balloon was patrolling the United States.

A social media account posted a video of what appeared to be a balloon sighting in Venezuela.

Fernando Naranjo, who works in Costa Rica as a civil aviation director, described the object seen flying over the country as “the same thing everyone else saw, a white ball.”

Meanwhile, the socialist government ruling Venezuela has not made an official announcement about the balloon sightings. The country also curiously condemned the U.S. decision to take down the “unmanned civilian aircraft of Chinese origin” that was seen in American skies.

As reported by Reuters, South Korea’s military said Monday that it had been keeping an eye on a North Korean balloon flying through its territory, but was not convinced it posed a significant threat. The country’s Ministry of Defense indicated that “measures” had been taken, but that the balloon was ultimately not shot down.

Officials from China have claimed ownership of the balloon found flying over Latin America last week, asserting that it had been accidentally blown off-course.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said that the balloon seen in Latin America was an unmanned research airship that was thrown off kilter due to weather.

“This airship seriously strayed from its planned route, and accidentally entered the skies over Latin America and the Caribbean,” claimed Mao, according to reports.

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