Rep. Turner Labels Biden A ‘Serial Classified Document Hoarder’

Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) recently labeled President Joe Biden as a “serial classified document hoarder.”

On CBS’s Face the Nation, Turner stated:

“What’s amazing about all this is it takes us to the question of why were these documents here? Well, now that we learned that some of these go back to his Senate time, you know, clearly, he’s become a serial classified document hoarder. Why did he have these? Who did he show them to?”

While searching the president’s home in Wilmington, Del., the FBI found a fourth batch of classified documents.

The congressman later referred to the documents that were found at the residence of Former President Donald Trump.

“We wouldn’t have this issue if it hadn’t been for Biden’s Attorney General making the decision to raid former President Trump’s house looking for classified documents that were being held there,” he said.

CBS host Margaret Brennan asked Turner if the Justice Department’s search signified anything to him. He replied, “Sure, absolutely. I think this looks more like a cover-up than an investigation.”

The host attempted to excuse the FBI’s raid on the former president.

“Well, you know the differences of course, too. I want to talk about the Biden situation. But just to clarify, when you reference President Trump, there were 300 classified documents; there was a warrant; there was refusal to comply in terms of handing things over,” she said.

Brennan asked Rep. Turner if he had any evidence to back up his allegations that the president was hoarding classified material.

“Do you have any facts to back up your allegations that he was hoarding things in terms of intention to take classified material versus it’s been characterized that it was somehow accidental.”

Turner argued that the documents didn’t fly home without Joe Biden. He asserted that the documents went on a train with the president from his senate offices and in boxes he knew about.

He continued:

“Why did he have these documents to begin with? That is why the special counsel’s work is going to be really important, because I can think of no reason why the president should have taken home, as a senator or as vice president, any classified documents that clearly have no protection.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland has assigned U.S. Attorney Robert Hur to oversee the investigation into the president’s handling of classified material.

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