Philadelphia Mayor Pushes Gun Control At Slain Officer Briefing

Democratic Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney is under fire after an insensitive push for gun control during a press conference regarding the shooting and killing of a Temple University police officer.

Officer Christopher Fitzgerald was shot multiple times in North Philadelphia on Saturday night. He did not survive the attack. And in a media briefing many believed was supposed to focus on the officer’s murder and details surrounding it, Kenney took time to peddle the Left’s cherished beloved gun control agenda.

Taking a dive from condolences to the bereaved, Kenney went on about gun accessibility in the city of Philadelphia.

“It is simple, too easy to access weapons in our state and in our region. And that turns too many confrontations into fatal encounters, like an argument over a parking space,” he said.

Kennedy further made a call to lawmakers to come up with gun reforms for residents’ protection.

“We are fighting an uphill battle and it doesn’t have to be this way,” he stated. “I will continue to call on state lawmakers for sensible gun reforms that will protect our city’s residents, including the brave men and women who have taken an oath to protect the peace.”

In a statement that invalidates earnest citizens’ support of the police, the mayor went on to say that people who do not support gun control and gun availability do not truly support the police. In his words: “You can say you back the blue but if you don’t back gun control and gun availability, you don’t back the blue.”

Kenney’s comments served him on a platter for criticism as Twitter users blasted his timing as well as his message. Some were quick to point out that criminal shootings like that are not carried out with legally-obtained guns.

“The biggest supporters of law enforcement have always been legal gun owners who back the blue, not the defund the police democrats,” one user said.

TV and radio host Dana Loesch pointed out that the officer’s death was not a result of allegedly lax gun laws as the suspected shooter is an 18-year-old who is not licensed to get a gun. The blame, she said, should not be directed at legal gun possession but at the parents who failed to control their child.

Bringing up Philly’s surging crime rates under Kenney, some users were quick to call him out on his hypocrisy. And for another user, pushing policies that do not let criminals stay in prison where they belong does not exactly show support for the police.

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