MTG Pushes For Impeachment Of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is making a bold move towards the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas after a tragic incident in Texas, where two of her constituents lost their lives in a car crash involving a suspected human smuggler. Greene, determined to hold Mayorkas accountable for what she perceives as “high crimes and misdemeanors,” has now filed a resolution to force a vote on ousting the Biden admin official.

Greene’s resolution, which was filed on Thursday morning, accuses Mayorkas of “willfully abandoning his duty” to secure the border and “protect states against invasion” by illegal immigrants. She also criticizes him for his failure to curb the flow of dangerous drugs like fentanyl into the United States. 

In a passionate plea, Greene added, “The utter disregard for American life displayed by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas can no longer be ignored. The time for more hearings and phases is over. Americans are getting murdered just traveling to see their families. Lives have been lost forever. Everyone should care. This is not a political issue. That’s why I just introduced privileged Articles to IMPEACH Secretary Mayorkas.”

One key factor that sets Greene’s resolution apart is its privileged status, which compels the GOP-led House to take action within two legislative days. This suggests that her effort to impeach Mayorkas may gain more traction than previous attempts. While it remains uncertain how much support the move will garner among her colleagues, it is no secret that Republicans have long criticized Mayorkas for his handling of the southern border.

Newly-appointed House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has voiced his belief that Mayorkas has “committed impeachable offenses.” However, he said he is passing up on pursuing that course due to limited time and resources as the House is already embroiled in an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.

The catalyst for Greene’s strong stance against Mayorkas was a tragic crash in Texas that claimed the lives of two citizens from her district, Jose Lerma, 67, and Isabel Lerma, 65. Law enforcement reports indicate that a suspected human trafficker while fleeing authorities with a car full of Hondurans, collided with their vehicle.

Expressing her outrage, Greene took to X, stating, “This is unacceptable! Alejandro Mayorkas is derelict in his duty to secure our Southern border, and my constituents are dying!!” 

The Department of Homeland Security has defended Mayorkas, claiming that under his leadership, they have made significant strides in various areas, including stopping unprecedented amounts of fentanyl from entering the country and countering threats from foreign governments. 

Speaking to Daily Wire, a DHS spokesperson added, “Instead of continuing their reckless impeachment charades and attacks on law enforcement, Congress should work with us to keep our country safe, build on the progress DHS is making, and deliver desperately needed reforms for our broken immigration system that only legislation can fix.”

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