Israel Allows Humanitarian Pauses Amid Ongoing Attacks On Hamas

In a significant development on Thursday, Israel confirmed that it will allow daily four-hour humanitarian pauses amid its attack on the terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby made this announcement, explaining that during these four-hour periods, the Israeli government will suspend military operations and provide advance notice three hours before the pause begins, ensuring that civilians have sufficient time to take precautions. 

According to an Israeli official, Gazaians will be allowed to move to the south of Gaza to get food and medicine during the reprieves. It is, however, unclear the exact areas the pauses would apply to and how many days there would be pauses.

This comes after President Joe Biden made a call for a pause in Israel’s counterattack on Gaza in the aftermath of the terrorist group’s surprise attack on Israel on Oct. 7. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, however, refused the pressure for a ceasefire, issuing a statement that reads, “The fighting will continue, and there will be no ceasefire without the release of our hostages.”

“Israel is allowing safe transit corridors from the north of the Gaza Strip to the south, as 50,000 Gazans did just yesterday. We once again call on the civilian population in Gaza to evacuate to the south,” the statement read further. 

Israel has taken steps to facilitate the movement of civilians by establishing safe transit corridors from the north to the south of the Gaza Strip. Over 50,000 Gazans availed themselves of this opportunity just yesterday. The Israeli government once again urged the civilian population in Gaza to evacuate to the southern areas for their safety.

While the pressure on Israel to implement these humanitarian pauses has been mounting, and many on the left are putting the responsibility of a ceasefire on Israel as well as blaming the nation for its counterattack on Gaza due to civilians getting caught in the crossfire, reports have emerged suggesting that Hamas is the one endangering its own civilians, as the group has been targeting civilians attempting to flee to safer areas in the south to avoid the ongoing conflict. 

The Israel Defense Forces have presented satellite imagery revealing that Hamas has erected roadblocks to obstruct the movement of vehicles leaving northern Gaza. The terrorist group even went as far as confiscating car keys to restrict the movement of civilians.

Furthermore, it has come to light that Hamas is stockpiling essential resources such as fuel, which could be used to support its hospitals, for its rockets. These resources are also being diverted to maintain electricity and ventilation in the underground tunnels where Hamas terrorists are situated.

Israel is, however, determined to secure the safety of its kidnapped citizens and protect its people from future attacks. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, during a meeting with the 252nd Sinai Division, operating in the northern Gaza Strip, emphasized the country’s strategic objectives. “We must remember that in Beit Hanoun, the battalion from which the terrorists came to commit acts of violence and abduction in Kibbutz Erez, Netiv Ha’Asara, and Sderot,” Gallant stated. “This battle holds significance beyond symbolism. Our goal is to eliminate all terrorist infrastructure in Beit Hanoun. We will not relent, we will persist with unwavering determination until we dismantle the Hamas organization entirely, targeting their chain of command, military depots, communication channels, tunnels, bunkers, and headquarters.”

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