MTG Committee Appointments Infuriate Democrats, Media

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) named Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to two crucial House committees this week, causing Democrats and the corporate media to fly off the handle. The outspoken critic of the Biden administration will serve on the House Homeland Security and Oversight Committees.

Greene warned the “Biden Crime Family” to be prepared for her participation on the committees that are expected to actively investigate the administration over the next two years. The Georgia Congresswoman will also influence the GOP approach to border security and counterterrorism issues.

She was stripped of her committee assignments in 2021 by then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Democrats disapproved of Greene’s social media posts and press comments.

Greene put Joe Biden on notice that she would press for investigations into the allegations of his family’s corrupt foreign business dealings. She also warned the FBI that Republicans would be calling the agency to answer for its alleged abuses in recent years.

She said: “Joe Biden, be prepared. We are going to uncover every corrupt business dealing, every foreign entanglement, every abuse of power, and every check cut for The Big Guy. And it’s not just the Biden Crime Family, the GOP majority will investigate every bit of government being used to abuse the American people.”

Greene’s appointments come on the heels of her staunch support for McCarthy during the contentious process of his election as Speaker earlier this month. She voted in favor of McCarthy on all 15 ballots it took for him to win the leadership position. She has been a vocal member of the House Freedom Caucus and found herself at odds with many of the 21 Republicans who held out against McCarthy until the end of the fourth day of voting.

Democrats and media figures have expressed their disapproval of Greene’s committee appointments and mocked the conservative lawmaker. Some argue she should be disqualified for her statements about the circumstances surrounding the 2020 presidential election and other controversial topics.

Rep. Eric Swalwell was one of the more notable Democrats who attempted to poke fun at Greene’s appointments by tweeting a screenshot of a 2021 New Yorker article critical of her and insinuating that she should not serve on the Homeland Security Committee.

Hundreds of Twitter users immediately fired back at Swalwell, pointing out the national security risks he presents as a member of Congress. The Californian infamously allowed himself to be lured into a romantic relationship with Chinese spy Fang Fang, expressing surprise that he had been compromised when reports of the relationship broke in 2020.

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