Big Tech’s Data Mining Is A Form Of Tyranny

The most expansive threat to privacy in 2023 is the sweeping data mining operation carried out by big tech companies who troll for every little bit of personal information from social media users.

U.S. citizens face the brunt of the global mining effort, partly due to the government’s reluctance to protect the privacy rights of individuals. Meanwhile, the EU is at the forefront of attempts to stall tech giants from gleaning every ounce of data possible from the public.

The European Convention on Human Rights in 1950 declared that “everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home, and his correspondence.”

In this vein, earlier this month the EU fined Facebook’s parent company Meta $414 million. This was done for its coercion in getting user consent for Facebook and Instagram accounts to hand over data to be used for personalized ads.

This legal recourse was taken under 2018’s General Data Protection Regulation, the most stringent privacy regulation in the world.

Just two months earlier, Google settled allegations with 40 states for $392 million. Legal action was taken over attorneys general alleging the company tracked users through their devices even when location tracking was disabled.

Even in this instance, the company did not face punishment from the federal government under the nation’s weak privacy restrictions.

Reasons for these violations and multiple others are clear — Google raked in $209.5 billion in advertising revenue in 2021 followed by Facebook’s more than $114 billion take. In other words, the penalties were trivial compared to the profits.

It is profitable to settle lawsuits from states and pay the fine because of the skyrocketing dollars brought in from digital mining. If there is the occasional slap on the wrist for violating consumer protection laws, so be it.

The collusion with the Democratic Party could not be more clear. Open Secrets reported that 94% of political donations from both Google and Meta in 2021 went to Democratic candidates, and a whopping 99% of Twitter employees who supported politicians chose Democrats.

If you are part of a business disfavored by the left, and the firearms industry is a great example, you are now subject to discrimination both on social media platforms and through financial institutions.

The Fourth Amendment was the Founding Fathers’ attempt to protect Americans from illegal search and seizure. What big tech companies now carry out is a clear violation of this principle, and it will take both government intervention and protest from individuals to rein this in.

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