Hunter Biden Lived In Wilmington Home With Classified Documents

Hunter Biden was residing in President Joe Biden’s home while classified documents were present. The president held these documents since 2017 when he was vice president.

While Hunter Biden was bringing in millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he had access to his father’s classified documents. As a result, national security concerns over the documents in possession of the Biden family have gotten worse.

When Hunter filled out a background check form, he listed his rent as $49,910. The rental income went to his father, Joe Biden. However, Joe Biden only reported $19,000 in rental income.

Curiously, as Hunter resided in his father’s home, his family took money from foreign business dealings in connection with prominent Chinese state intelligence services through the China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC). Ye Jianming is the founder of the energy company.

According to CNN, “Ye’s company, CEFC China Energy, aligned itself so closely with the Chinese government that it was often hard to distinguish between the two.”

Ye was directly involved with the CCP. Consequently, the affiliation between the Biden family and CEFC is unsettling.

ZeroHedge reported, “Ye Jianming, Patrick Ho, Gongwen Dong, and Jiaqi Bao have been linked to the CCP and its military-intelligence apparatus.” The connections are so intertwined that Hunter Biden described Patrick Ho as the “spy chief of China.”

In February 2017, Hunter was conducting business with CEFC personnel in Miami, FL. During the trip, he met with Chairman Ye Jianming. Jianming gave Hunter a 3.16 carat diamond valued at approximately $80,000.

The classified documents were brought to the Biden residence in January 2017. The meeting between Hunter and Ye took place a month after.

Images from Hunter Biden’s laptop demonstrate his ability to access his father’s corvette. The documents were stored in the home’s garage next to the corvette.

“Photos from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop show that the scandal-plagued first son had access to the Corvette that President Joe Biden kept in the garage where he improperly stored top secret government documents,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

It seems likely that if Hunter Biden was allowed to use his father’s corvette at the Wilmington home, he was able to access the classified documents. His connections with the CCP and his residing in the home where the documents were stored have raised serious national security concerns.

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