Hunter Biden Accused Of Lying To Congress

House Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) is accusing President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, of lying during his testimony under oath in February.

In a statement, Smith, who is one of the Republicans leading the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, said, “Not only did Hunter Biden refuse to comply with his initial subpoena until threatened with criminal contempt, but he then came before Congress and lied.”

According to Smith, Hunter’s lies make other pieces of his testimony questionable.

“The newly released evidence affirms, once again, the only witnesses who can be trusted to tell the truth in this investigation are the IRS whistleblowers,” the Republican wrote.

He added that lying under oath “is a felony offense that the Department of Justice has prosecuted numerous individuals for in recent years, and the American people expect the same accountability for the son of the President of the United States.”

Smith also took his allegations to X, where he made a thread summarizing three lies Hunter allegedly told.

“Lie #1: Hunter Biden lied about the recipient of his threatening WhatsApp messages. In the messages, Hunter Biden TWICE mentioned he was with his father – Joe Biden. During the deposition, he claimed that he was probably ‘high or drunk’ and messaged the wrong Chinese businessman with the last name Zhao,” the post read.

According to Smith, the first lie is evidence that Hunter used Biden’s name to “shake down a Chinese businessman – and it worked” even though he lied about it.

“Lie #2: Hunter Biden lied when he claimed he was not the corporate secretary of Rosemont Seneca Bohai, an entity set up with his business partner Devon Archer, and said he didn’t ‘even know there was such a thing.’ Hunter Biden’s own handwriting proved it was a lie. He signed a corporate document in 2014 affirming that he was the acting Secretary of Rosemont Seneca Bohai,” Smith continued.

Presenting the third lie, Smith tweeted, “Lie #3: During his sworn deposition on February 28th, Hunter Biden claimed that he would ‘… never pick up the phone and call anybody for a visa.’ Again, new documents released by the Committee prove this was a lie.”

The Republican leader ended his thread by emphasizing that lying to Congress under oath is “a serious offense.

“No one is above the law, including the President’s son,” he concluded.

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