UK’s NHS Must Justify Hiring White Employees

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) must now explain its reasoning every time it hires a White employee. In a startling revelation by the Daily Mail, interview panels are required to justify choosing a White candidate over an ethnic minority.

The NHS, for the record, is the world’s fifth-largest employer with roughly 1.7 million on its payroll.

Not only must staffers present reports on why the chosen candidate was “more suitable,” but they are required to reveal how they scored the non-White applicant. Plus, they must suggest ways that candidates may perform better in the next interview.

For example, the staffers should detail how the applicant may enhance their “experience, skills, or amplitude” to have a better chance of success at their next interview.

That report must be submitted within 10 working days. There is no stipulation for the same actions if the hiring goes the other way.

Missing this deadline means being reported in the trust’s monthly Workforce Race Equality progress report.

This new policy has been implemented at the Royal Free Hospital in north London. The change came despite UK ministers recently committing to rein in “waste and wokery” that they report costs the healthcare establishment billions each year.

Cited were numerous positions for “diversity and inclusion” that the Daily Mail reported cost the NHS over a million pounds.

One veteran source at the north London hospital described the protocol as “a tick-box exercise.” They explained that when the panel discusses a candidate after an interview, “it’s not about their ethnicity.”

They added that having to justify a decision based on race is time-consuming because the choice has to be completely reevaluated. For fairness, the source suggested that the NHS require the policy for all failed candidates regardless of their ethnic background.

The additional bureaucracy, they declared, bogs down an already tedious system.

The hospital defended its policies, with a spokesperson saying that they are “committed to having a diverse workforce.” They said that their goal is to ensure that all candidates, “irrespective of their ethnicity,” have the same opportunities afforded them to work at the facility.

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