Trump’s Visit Brings Young Trump Supporter to Tears

Donald Trump

In a video posted on social media by Trump’s deputy director of communications, Margo Martin, Trump can be seen walking up to the little boy in miniature suit and tie with his own blonde wig coiffed in what is clearly an homage to Trump’s unique hairstyle.

Trump happily walks over to greet the child, gives him a signed $20 bill, poses for photos and reduces the young superfan to tears in the video.

The young supporter was clearly moved and broke down in tears. The episode has since gone viral during Trump’s visit to Philadelphia.

“I like that kid! If your parents don’t want you, I do,” Trump said circuitously to the audience, which roared with laughter.

By 3 p.m. Sunday, the video had been watched nearly 900,000 times on X.

This also generated thousands of responses from users over on X, with many predictably taking potshots at Trump’s election rival, President Biden.

“Biden would never, and could never,” one user said.

“Can you imagine a young guy dressed up like Joe Biden with an ice cream cone in his hand and no hair on his head?” another user said.

“No videos of Biden ever doing things like this,” added another.

“What an unforgettable moment for this young man,” one user said.

Trump recorded the viral moment while he visited Philadelphia and caught up with the young boy at Tony and Nick’s sandwich shop.

Trump also used the dinner to tout one of his latest proposals: Not-just-the-rich Americans should not pay taxes on tips restaurant workers and other hospitality-sector employees earn because food service companies would love it, but also because freedom or something.

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